Brochure 2016

the winning card

Bellissimo, anticipating the needs of a world that is growing in terms of offer and numbers, designed a new a printed material, able to enhance the value and image of a simple card.

The collaboration between Bellissimo and the association in charge of the museum subscriptions Abbonamento Musei continues with the design and publishing of the new promotional brochure, which replaces the previous version.

The subscription, about to celebrate its 20th birthday, is now a proven success in Piedmont. Following the change of image signed by Bellissimo in 2012, the museum card was replicated in Lombardy in mid-2015, while further developments are in the pipeline.
Time to renew the main institutional presentation tool of the card, in line with the new objectives. Bellissimo managed the content and layout of the publication.

The brochure, through quotes from real users, underlines the many benefits that the card gives to subscribers, and the different reasons of such a cultural and commercial success: the subscription is a social means, the ideal gift and a way to discover the region.

The graphic design project shows the whole potential of the image created by Bellissimo for the card (already used in the magazine Lettera dei Musei), increasingly enriching the visual support of the brand.

For the first time, shapes, styles and layouts respond to the need for joining the communication choices of the museum subscription cards of Piedmont and Lombardy under a single brand, combining the colours and the identities of the territories.

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