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Bellissimo collaborates again with Abbonamento Musei on a special occasion: the 25th year since its foundation.

The association that first launched the idea of a unique card for the museums of Turin and Piedmont, and then of Lombardy and Valle d’Aosta, reaches a quarter of a century of activity in favor of culture.

On April 21, 1995 the local institutions of Turin set up an organisation entrusted with promoting the museum heritage. Year after year, the “Carta Musei” has spread to become a permanent presence in our wallets.

Now that the Museum Subscription is an entiy rooted in three different regions, the 25-year milestone presents itself as an opportunity to strengthen the identity, increasingly projected into a national dimension.

It is a pleasure that our studio, creator of the new logo in 2012, as well as several advertising campaigns, is the one to draw the celebratory symbol.

The sign we designed is inspired by the iconic element of the cockade and incorporates the distinctive shapes of the logo. There are twenty-five external spires, one for each year of activity.

The colour is blue, the institutional colour introduced with the update of the visual identity in 2019 — enriched by a logo referring to the Association only, independent from the “product” logos that appear on the regional cards.

The lettering that occupies the central part of the cockade is a serif font featuring decisive cuts and sharp contrasts, suitable to evoke the enthusiasm of the celebration and openness to future challenges.

Over time, Bellissimo has taken care of Abbonamento Musei’s
graphic design for the birth of the Lombardy and Milan card and its launch campaign, as well as the campaigns “To watch everything” and “The largest museum in Italy”, as well as various communication tools.

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