2018/19 Piedmont+Lombardy Campaign

italy’s biggest museum

Abbonamento Musei has asked Bellissimo to align the image and tone of voice 
in communication throughout Piedmont and Lombardy.

Reinforcing the brand to innovate messages expressed in the two regions: the Museum Memberships campaign is not just promotional.

Affirming an identity model based on the best cultural organisations is a reality that is happening contemporarily in two phases through consolidation in Piemonte and rapid growth in Lombardy.

The project started with an analysis of the brand in order to give the brand values and defined key concepts that are necessary for efficient communication.

Abbonamento Musei gives unique access to a particular style of life and a community of eclectic, regular clients of the museum system. 

The card represents the personal key to use and that gives access to a world that promises beauty, the best that the territory has to offer and not just a simple discount.

The new verbal and visual content further reinforce the Membership by divulging and facilitating, besides aggregating new initiatives.

In the graphics, the AM sign repeats itself and creates an original pattern able to express the affluence of museums and members: it is the combination of culture and community that defines the greatness of the institutions.

The collaboration between Bellissimo and Abbonamento Musei started in 2012 and is a relationship built on mutual trust. 

Our studio also edited Lombardy Exhibition Campaign 2018, the restyling of the coordinated image for the Torino Piemonte and for the Lombardia Milano network, we also edited Letters to the Museums, presentation brochures for 2014 and 2016 and we also created the previous Campaigns in Lombardy from 2016-2017.

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