A book about Bellissimo

ten years, one hundred pages

In 2008 Bellissimo celebrates its tenth anniversary. The agency traces in a book its most successful projects, recalling the strategic choices of the agency and the inspiration that guided it.

Not only a portfolio, but a travelogue. “A Book about Bellissimo” tells the story of the first ten years of our group, born as a small graphics design studio, but soon competing with major advertising agencies on national and international projects.

Written by Luca Ballarini and Giuliano Tedesco, the book's texts and pictures recount the projects that marked the evolution of Bellissimo, from its beginnings in the world of music and art, to the communications projects for major customers and local initiatives.

Ten years of design, advertising and branding. Logos, visuals, slogans, fonts and fine details run through the pages of the book, together with the comments of six foreign designers to our most avant-garde works.

Since 1998, times, responsibilities and strategies have changed, but the essence of our approach has remained the same: understanding our audience, learning and transforming ourselves, fostering a constant education for visual details.

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