for a number 1 region

The cooperation in a tourism project in Lombardy strengthened Bellissimo’s presence in the region.
The project aimed at conveying the idea of a region no.1 in Italy, and the choice of the name and the graphics focused on this ambitious goal.


In December 2012, Explora —a company for the promotion of tourism based in Lombardy— launched a professional project for tour operators in the region, whose non-educational content was conceived by Bellissimo.

The name of the programme was chosen with reference to the purpose of the project: #inLombard1a, a variation conceived by our studio of the hashtag #inLombardia, proposed by Explora as a common brand for the territory. The focal point of the visual image was again the number.


Bellissimo designed an arrow, formed by the union of two "1", and presented it in a whole range of compositions.

This symbol represents the ambition of the whole territory and its unity of intent, as well as the uniqueness of a leading region.

The communication tools also include a dedicated version of the #inLombardia passport, already designed by Bellissimo for the 2016–2017 Year of Tourism in Lombardy.

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