A recurring theme, an infatuation: cities,
places, their future. They are the soul of many of our projects.

Turin, of course, seen from an international perspective and today thrust by us into a “stratospheric” dimension. But also Milan, our friend, and our lover Rome, and London, Hong Kong, Doha, Dubai and anywhere there is a chance to pass on an urban tale — greater, always, than the sum of its parts.

Città 1


As in every specialization, our attention to cities —intended as places and as projects— is firstly a personal interest, an unremitting discovery, a vision. An attitude grown through the years and become today a cornerstone of Bellissimo,
a constant creative drive.

Through the years we have seen it as visual imagination, a writing topic (for ten years with Label and then with ITALIC), a scenario for memorable event, and lastly a branding object.
The city is the fil rouge, often hidden in the weft, but always present.


As of 2013 Bellissimo collaborates with
Secolo Urbano, a group of “urban consultants” born to promote the urban agenda in Italy.

The supergroup, founded by Giacomo Biraghi, Alvise De Sanctis and Luca Ballarini, offers technical, financial, and creative consultancy to develop projects and positioning or promotion campaigns of institutions and private organizations.

The Bellissimo-Secolo Urbano alliance gave rise to La città di domani (May 2013), a twin event staged in Turin and Milan on the future of the relationship between the two cities, held at TEDx Porta Nuova (September 2013) and the guide book #Expottimisti (June 2014).


We’ve done it on several occasions, always with devotion and gusto. Promoting Turin in the world and passing on its transformations is a challenge that engages many of our skills: external relations, brands, books, videos, events.

We helped Turismo Torino to welcome visitors in a town in full building-site frenzy in preparation of the 2006 Winter Olympics: our claim was “Turin is now”.
For the Piedmont Region we developed innovative projects such as Study in Piemonte, Wi-Pie, Piemonte Frontiere. We have signposted the city in the years when it was World Design Capital and then European Youth Capital.
In 2012 we put our skills to the service of Torino Strategica, the association in charge of defining the next city plan.

Our ambition is to make Turin a model city. While waiting for prestigious accounts, we have learned to convey its spirit better and better — and to draw excellent maps.
The truth is, “you can bet on Torino”, but it all depends on who’s proposing.

Città 3


A branding exercise to define the Turin of our dreams. An experiment of free “urban imagination”, with no boundaries or clients, launched by two brainstorming sessions with forty young adults in the local creative industry.

“Fly high and go overboard” is the claim Bellissimo used to invite participants (architects, designers, entrepreneurs) to imagine the city ten years or more from now.
It started as a joke after completing the Torino Strategica project, and then the variation on the Torino Stratosferica first became a brand and then a pledge: Bellissimo’s own project to launch distinctive positioning strategies, visions and provocations, online at


Our love for the city transpires in our choice of locations for events — often places to be reinterpreted, or rediscover, even.

This is what happened in ten years of Inspirational Design Happenings, landing in swimming pools, former prisons, indoor climbing facilities, roofs, factories. Or in Naples, as part of the world-famed creatives talks, when Bellissimo opened to the public for a peek preview the square and auditorium in Porta del Parco in Bagnoli.

Our preference for non conventional places goes full circle as we go back to our Bellissimo offices as of 2001: a suitcase factory, then a breadstick bakery, today a studio within the future creative district in Turin.