Getting to know entrepreneurs to understand companies.
Listening to people to satisfy needs.

Large groups, SMEs, startups; family-owned or listed; technical innovation or consumer goods. Bellissimo dives every day into the contents and perspectives of business people.

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Major companies consistently turn to Bellissimo’s services.
In corporate briefs our creativity meets clear-cut boundaries and emerges gratified, demonstrating its commercial value.

In this case our strength is understanding in depth the brand’s positioning, its target and objectives, to transform the indications from the brand/communication management into successful actions.

Originally a graphic design studio, Bellissimo soon had to compete with major advertising companies on national and international projects. After experiences with
Adidas, Lavazza and Simon Urmet, with time we built specific skills in the beverage sector, with events and communication in Italy for Absolut, Ballantine’s, Bombay Sapphire, Four Roses, Russian Standard and other global brands.

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Rarely it is necessary to change everything. When a company can count on years in the business, it’s more effective to reinforce its existing values, renew its image, narrate its history and point to the direction where its identity is headed.

Through the years Bellissimo accompanied historic brands and companies to re-launch their communication strategy, fine-tuning respect and courage — working through our branding method.

The need to renew the image of a historic brand may have different reasons.
With Saet Group the new identity and brand architecture respond to the company’s international expansion. FontanaArte, historic name of Italian design, asked Bellissimo to manage its repositioning following a new design direction.

Most recently, we worked for Giobert, a company founded in 1953, who now wishes to increase its presence in the B to B market, presenting the company’s 60-year long history with a solid identity and international standards.

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Even those who set out on a new business journey can build a strong and distinctive identity by selecting the appropriate tools. Bellissimo accompanies the launch of new products, apps, and businesses using a coordinated image and strategy able to grant immediate credibility.

Through the years we have directed our first steps into the communication strategy of companies, digital startups, shops, museums, and cultural associations — starting with our friends at Xplosiva and their Club To Club festival, all the way to Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. They have all grown, and still carry the mark of their original identity.

Recently Bellissimo created the unmistakable zebra-striped elephant for iCoolhunt, the social network dedicated to emerging trends in the world, and designed the logo for ProxToMe, the Italian-born app that collected funds to work on a global scale.


At launch an innovative company has great communication needs and small budgets. Bellissimo came up with a specific startup toolkit, featuring free branding consultancy.

To let startuppers understand the importance of the visual and verbal identity of their company at the initial stage, we introduced the Startup Branding Tool to company incubators and within training programs (I3P, H-Farm, #Wcap, etc.). A parallel mentorship activity that allow us to get to know young entrepreneurs in Italy.


A key element in understanding our experience is the idea of constant learning. A “learning organization” from its first steps, Bellissimo is transformed by its interactions with each client.

We grew with our clients, and today we have new skills and interests.
We believe in an open dialogue with clients: once we begin a project, a full immersion in the strategic perspective is the first shared step.

To us design means understanding a world, racking our brains on specific contents —whether it be the history of a man or a company, the future of a city or a recipe— and this attention holds up our work every day.

BELLISSIMO’s partners

We have established some strategic partnerships to offer some complementary services.

CELS stands for Customer Engagement Loyalty Solutions. Based in Middle East, the network of consultants offers innovative retail and entertainment solutions for shopping malls and commercial enterprises.

KKIENN is a research and consulting firm, analyzing customers habits both in Italian market and abroad.
Founded in 2004, Kkienn helps big companies and SMEs to better understand their audience.