Bellissimo is a design studio.
Graphic design, campaigns, events — messages.

Bellissimo began in Turin in August 1998, with the idea of working on words and images through an evocative, contemporary, direct style.
From 2009 the company Bellissimo Srl / Luca Ballarini carries on the same journey with an open vision of what a designer is supposed to be.
In our loft we work in team: we believe in role blending. We do not believe in job titles and accounts.

Bellissimo today

After many logos and slogans, books, displays and settings, we know that around the core of “ideas & design” there’s a solid, organized structure, capable of managing complex schedules and tasks.

Bellissimo works well with different languages, budgets, and media in many sectors: from food & beverage to digital companies, from interior design to retail, from manufacturing to contemporary culture. Here’s the full list of our projects and of our services.

What our clients like about us


We observe the scenario, work it out in depth. Then we design.
Every action aims at objectives set out in the analysis phase.

Visual and
verbal identity

Excellent graphics require equally clear contents. In addition to creating coordinated images, we write texts.
And then we edit, edit, and edit some more.

and versatile

We tackle complex and diverse
projects with method
and organization.
In each we are fast, accurate, punctual.

We have applied our branding method also to ourselves.
Bellissimo’s values are:


Bellissimo’s natural inclination has always been to interpret the development of visual language and communication to the best. Being present without following any trend is the natural quality our public recognizes in our work. We get excited in seeking to understand how the world evolves, to keep a contemporary pace.


Simple is a synonym of well crafted. Our projects have an immediate value, the cleanness of graphic design and message. To communicate in the most efficient way we chose formal clarity and direct language: Bellissimo turns down the noise and turns up the message.


Blending skills is our specialty. Bellissimo works in different market sectors and with projects that integrate more than one language. To us versatile means complete and able to empower, case by case, the specific values of each project.


Those who chose Bellissimo can rely on professional commitment, dependability, trust. In over fifteen years we built a reliable business, with consistent high quality standards. We are collaborative and responsible, focusing on problem solving.


We are open to innovation and experimentation. We want to grow, we seek new challenges to enrich our skills. In our creative process and business strategy we stick to our choices with dedication, looking at the future with initiative and resolve.


We think deep but act fast, with confidence in our means.
We believe in the value of speed, in action and language. We get ahead of our times trusting in the “pure courage of our perceptions”.


The quality of our work mirrors the care we put in it.
Bellissimo creates excellent products, designed in each detail and with dedication. We know how to listen to our clients, and with those who listen to us we establish long-lasting relationships, based on trust and a yearning to carry on.


A superlative name

“Why Bellissimo?” we are often asked.
“Bellissimo” is all the things we see and like.
“Bellissimo” can be understood all over the world, beckoning with self-irony to our objective of superlative quality.
The high point is when we close the circle, when those who’ve put themselves in our hands look at the final result and utter “it’s bellissimo”.

August 1998. Luca Ballarini decides to found a creative group and call it Bellissimo.
He is still a student. In those sultry and, back then, not so trendy afternoons in San Salvario, he talks about it with the friends still in town in spite of the heat, Sergio Ricciardone and Daniele Druella, listening to Terry Francis’ “Architecture”. They like the idea, and once everyone is back from the summer holidays he draws in two more friends, Carlo Miano and Roberto Maria Clemente, formerly partners today.

Bellissimo through the years

At the beginning Bellissimo worked a lot with music (Vitaminic), clubbing (Xplosiva) and youth culture (Label,
Chiamparino+). The group’s style attracted, through the years, contemporary culture, starting with the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and Torino Musei foundations — a relationship still in place today with the Fondazione per l’Arte CRT and Abbonamento Musei Torino Piemonte.

Design culture

To Bellissimo design comes, first and foremost, from the ideas of Norman Potter, author of the essay “What is a designer”. From 2003 Luca Ballarini has contributed in distributing this work in Italy, as valuable today as it was back in 1968.

Bellissimo represented Italy three times at Lisbon’s ExperimentaDesign Biennale, in 2003, 2005 and 2009, always bringing experimental projects.

But to us design is especially connected to our Inspirational Design Happenings, the series of events we’ve been designing for the past ten years for Bombay Sapphire gin.

For the Happenings we hosted in swimming pool and unusual locations some of the world’s most influential creatives: Stefan Sagmeister, Ross Lovegrove, David Carson, Massimo Vignelli, Amanda Levete, Tomato, The Designers Republic, KesselsKramer, Droog, FAT, MVRDV. These and many more are part of our contacts network we’ve built through the years.

In 2005 Luca Ballarini and Bellissimo generate the creative spark for Turn, Turin’s design community, first cultural association of this kind in Italy.

We were behind the scenes also in the launch phase of
Turin 2008 World Design Capital. Luca Ballarini worked with the organization committee on the event’s communication strategy, presenting this unprecedented title in London, Berlin, New York and San Francisco.

Bellissimo and Turin

We are proud to have collaborated in many projects promoting the city and the territory, including Torino Internazionale, Torino Strategica and Piemonte Frontiere, and events like Salone Off and Gru Village.

Many of our initiatives are dedicated to the city and to telling the story of its transformation.
The most recent is Torino Stratosferica.

Projects abroad

In the meantime we collaborated with European and international institutions, such as the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin and the publication Scientific American.

For Boston’s MIT we curated the exhibition of the legendary Senseable City Lab at Venice’s Biennale in 2006. For NBC we organized a fashion show in piazza San Carlo, aired live to ten million watchers during Turin’s Winter Olympics.

Today we often travel to the Emirates and Qatar, where Bellissimo designed the coordinated image of Alhazm,
an imposing luxury brand shopping complex.

The blue loft and the pirates

Those who’ve participated in a event at the loft know it. From 2001 we work in a Hague Blue painted loft, a few meters away from the Scalo Vanchiglia, secluded from traffic, a few minutes from the Mole.

It used to be the headquarters of a baker and then a leather goods factory. From its large windows we look at the building where Persol was created, the iron and cement skeleton of a stone cutter’s warehouse, and, in the distance, the Bunker light tower. They used to call this place “Pirates’ Borough”, low houses of petty thieves, inaccessible to the police. Today this is the home of a creative outlet (architects, art galleries, TV and video makers) waiting for the works set to transform the area in “Turin’s next smart quarter to settle in”.

Bellissimo consists of Luca Ballarini, Barbara Villanova,
Edoardo Bergamin, Alessandro Bevilacqua, Chiara Bertetti, Dario Consoli, Greta Costarelli, Alessio D’Errico, Gemma
De Bernardi, Valeria De Lauretis, Manuela Ferri, Simone Gatto, Paola Nardini, Lucrezia Noro, Cristina Ortali and Alessandro Zane.

Over the years have worked with Bellissimo / Luca Ballarini:
Henry Albert, Alessia Agostini, Daniele Bitetti, Angelo Bruno, Silvia Bruno, Veronica Cantono, Martina Cerrato, Christian Corrent, Cristina Costamagna, Alessandro Cuttica, Stefano De Rigo Piter, Simone Ellero, Carlotta Favretto, Ivan Felleca, Jacopo Ficulle, Samantha Garofalo, Anna Gerometta, Michele Guazzone, Matteo Guerra, Marta Guindani, Gloria Maggioli, Annalisa Morzone, Francesca Oddenino, Enrico Opezzo, Valentina Paracchi, Karin Pretto, Daniela Puddu, Daniela Rodia, Francesca Sardigna, Leonardo Siciliano, Laura Sinagra Brisca, Gloria Somaini, Alberto Spadafora, Gabriele Stragliati, Alice Tirinzoni, Veronica Viotti.